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About Rayah

Our march of excellence started in Riyadh in 2017. “Rayah” has successfully embarked on an exciting journey in the world of exhibitions and conferences organization and implementation, with its expert, talented, and knowledgeable teams. Since its inception, “Rayah” has leadingly achieved a variety of successes showcased thru many distinctive events coupled with wise strategic planning, qualified administrative personnel, technical competencies, and professional engineers who work in a high spirit of collaboration and dedication, to satisfy their customers, everywhere, anytime.

“Rayah” has been recognized for its leadership in Exhibitions Organization and Events Management. It enjoys extensive marketing capabilities in achieving such diverse projects. Throughout its march of uniqueness, “Rayah” is keen to deliver innovative concepts in the field, it also offers its services by adapting to the latest equipment including high-end lighting systems, high-quality audio devices, screens of different sizes, types and functions, as well as certified translation services.

“Rayah” is skillfully capable of arranging all types of workshops at an advanced quality. The Company’s dedicated team boasts a range of experience in exhibitions and conferences organization and implementation. They bring excellence and dedication to ensuring that customers are given added value solutions to meet their needs.

Managing Director’s Message

Welcome to “Rayah” for Organization and Implementation of Exhibitions and Conferences, ranking amongst the most creative, professional and experienced companies in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia.

Since its inception, “Rayah” has been moving in a fast-paced, determined manner, to provide its customers with the most innovative solutions in the world of exhibitions and conferences. Today, “Rayah” is in the face of the challenge, performing passionately to stand out from competitors thru remarkable visions and keenness to apply the best operational means to keep up to date with global standards in the field. We are proud of our enthusiastic team, on both managerial and technical levels, who enjoys vast experiences, and who is entirely accountable for fulfilling the expectations of the customers with pleasing results. I am expressing my sincere appreciation to the efforts deployed by our dedicative team.

Finally, our customers’ trust placed on us is a prideful honour for “Rayah”. It is our duty to maintain this confidence by strengthening our commitment to those loyal customers and providing them with the most unique services and products.

Welcome to our world!

Our Vision

To be the destination of choice in the events, conferences and exhibitions organization, with unique touches, and vast experience and professionalism. To adopt modern approaches, turning each event into an unforgettable experience.

Our Mission

To harness the best of our individuals and experiences and to utilize the latest know-how with modern philosophy, to make your project a unique model, from idea to execution.

Our Values

  • Dedicated to attain the premier styles needed for your project’s superiority.
  • Dealing with employees, customers, and partners in full loyalty and respect.
  • Exert all efforts to better serve the customers with full transparency and openness.
  • Establish a long-term relationship with every customer, who makes us his trusted destination.
  • Create a proper and encouraging work environment for all.

Our Objectives

  • Treat our experiences, strategies and competencies as solid basis required to organize effective events, exhibitions and conferences that reflect our charisma.
  • Offer our customers superior results that can positively contribute to their events’ success.
  • Design unique training programs and initiatives, in order to improve our staffs’ capabilities.
  • Keep pace with the Kingdom Vision 2030, in each project we attain.
  • Consider every passing year as another tribute of excellence, added to our portfolio of bright achievements.

Our Services

We showcase our capabilities thru a range of services aimed at offering best results that meet and exceed customers’ needs. We aspire to please everybody who makes “Raya” his resourceful way for a winning project.

Our scope of services include:

  • Strategic Planning.
  • Organization and implementation of exhibitions and conferences.
  • Organization of events and occasions.
  • Launching the brands identities.
  • Educational and recreational services.
  • Tourism programs.

Our Reliable Potentials

Today we are trustfully expanding, allowing our work portfolio to accommodate extra activities supported by marvellous human potentials. Our valuable capabilities are behind our various impressive results.

Amongst our capabilities are:

  • Signing strategic partnership agreements through which we can serve each other, and attract more customers. We are also expert in framing out innovative ideas, and sharing our efforts in a flexible manner, in order to facilitate the projects delivered to each of us, free of cost.
  • Performing through deep-rooted experiences, as our basic standards that we are fully adhere to. These are our crucial criterions, smartly utilized to realize all goals.
  • Adhering to our deadlines given to the customers, whatever the sizes of their projects, in addition to our strict commitment to our work guidelines.
  • Caring for the customers, offering them the support they deserve, enhancing efficiency, and rewarding the individuals upon achieving excellent performances.

Our 3 Pillars of Ingenuity

  • Think!

    We are an ambitious group of elite professionals, who are eager to support you with new and exceptional ideas to make your project stand out from the crowd. Our team partners you as trustful consultants who advise you on the better track that should be traced.

  • Pick!

    “Raya” has innovated an assortment of customized projects, it has also provided many business formulas that skilfully adapt to specific resources. We ensure the need for our projects in local and regional markets, while also guaranteeing probability.

  • Kick!

    We are ready to start the project we are assigned to achieve, anywhere, every time.

In the Face of Challenge, Uniquely!

Since our start into the sphere of exhibitions and conferences organization we have declared our commitment to innovate, to think out of the box. Our efforts have constantly marched ahead to provide the most pioneering quality services. “Raya” prides itself in ranking among the top names in its field of specialization. Every project delivered bears the charisma of “Raya”, its own professionalism and exclusive fineness. Today, our journey is still progressing with challengeable aptitudes and soaring ambitions. We seek to maintain our position in the market, enhance our superior service, and satisfy our customers with results that they pride themselves on.

Our Formula of Innovation

The spirit of one team and smart utilization of joint efforts and energies, to fulfill the customer’s expectations, and even overcome.

Our Mark of Excellence

  • Working through a team that specializes in event management, with long experience and knowledge of the basics of work.

  • Wide track record and multi experiences in organizing the events, which is the source of pride for our company.

  • Working under the umbrella of Al Khozama Hall for Events and Conferences, the reputed name in the field.

  • Providing advisory services designed to address every customer’s needs and preferences. Those services are run thru professional consultants who understand the dimensions of each project, thus tailor-making the relevant appropriate plans.

  • Experience in delivering strategic plans in full effectiveness, according to client’s goals and expectations.

  • Flexible dealings with customers, in a way that can positively build a long-term relationship with them.

  • Paying attention to the project’s smallest details, effectiveness, and innovation, to make it impressively influential.

Our team, Our Important Asset

At “Raya”, we consider our employees as our most significant asset. Without their work dedication, “Raya” couldn’t have achieved such superfluous success and growth. Therefore, we are keen to support and encourage our employees, provide them with an encouraging environment, and develop their competencies through various tailor-made training programs. We are supporting the corporate value of citizenship, by actively encouraging the Saudization of our manpower.

On the top of our pyramid of leadership are:

  • Serving Our Community

    We look at “Raya” individuals as an integral part of our community. It is very crucial that every individual should act as a true supporter for the development and prosperity of the community in which he lives and works. We support every humane idea, deeply empowering it within the community to blossom fruitful outcomes for the benefits of all people. An example of our solid involvement in the community is our Productive Families Support Program, mainly designed to generate productive families that are useful to their individuals and the community as well.

  • Towards The Future, Confidently

    We are moving towards the future with confidence, coping with the latest trends in our industry, locally and globally. Our main focus is to provide you with a wide range of activities and services that can touch every human’s life and enrich our specialization through content, programs, and initiatives that move in harmony with the Kingdom Vision 2030. We look sharply at the future with open eyes, seeking to maintain our reputable position onto the podium of excellence. We are passionate and fully driven by our ambition to be the focal point of leadership and uniqueness, and to attract the eyes’ of the whole world.

  • Media
  • Our Partners of Success
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